Yoga, Wine, & Chocolate Workshop

with Cheryl Strzmienski

This workshop is to play with the effect yoga has on your senses. We’ll begin with a vinyasa flow, awaking from Savasana with a chocolate and wine to begin your journey into the sense of taste and smell. A fun workshop, full of play. This workshop is open to all levels of yoga.
Not recommended for those under the age of 14. For those under 21 or not interested in wine will have non-alcoholic/mocktails to enjoy.
To drink wine you must have a valid ID.

February 15, 2020

About Cheryl



When she’s not leading our 40 Days to Personal Revolution or Kida Yoga programs, Cheryl is directing and brainstorming new beverages for the Chilli’s restaurant franchise. With decades of experience in the craft beverage space, she brings a deep understanding of the human palate and food-combining for maximum pleasure. Just as her weekly yoga classes, her workshops open our eyes and senses to a deeper experience.