Teresa Christopher

RYT-500 Certified, BA in Kinesiology

The world of yoga is vast and complex, but at its core, yoga is unity and love.  That is why I practice yoga and that is what inspired me to teach yoga. When I first experienced yoga in 2009, my practice was sporadic at best and I was struggling with severe hip pain. Yet, the more I practiced the better I felt. I believe that yoga has the power to impact an individual on a variety of levels. Whether that be spiritual, emotional, energetic, physical, mental, or often a combination of all the above; the healing, growth, and self-awareness that yoga encourages are unique to the student.



I experience the wonders of yoga daily. I see yoga in my family life, with my husband and three children, encouraging me to be fully present with kindness, selflessness, and truth. Yoga is present in my recovery from a right hip replacement at 35 years old; teaching me about the impermanence of life and the healing power of aparighraha (non-possessiveness/unattachment). Yoga is a part of all my daily interactions with the world around me.

As a yoga teacher, it is essential that I share the beauty of yoga on and off the mat. To integrate both worlds, I begin each class by introducing a topic of interest with the intent to encourage self-reflection, growth, awakening, and unity with oneself and the world around them. The topic/theme of the class is woven throughout an intelligently crafted sequence aiming to challenge and strengthen the spirit, mind, and body. The classes I teach are all level classes. There is always a place for you. Expect modifications for beginners and options to amp up the intensity if an extra challenge is preferred.  All classes are a judgement free safe-haven. Come as you are. I look forward to practicing with you. Namaste.



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