Melanie Tyson

RYT-500 Certified

As a long-distance runner and full-time patent examiner, Melanie began her yoga practice in 2008 as a way to recover and relax.  In 2013 she was diagnosed with a functional bowel disorder and the daily chronic pain eventually made running impossible.  To help manage the stress of living with a chronic illness, she began to practice yoga and meditation more regularly.  

A daily yoga and meditation practice has helped her keep her mind and body strong and calm and she truly believes in the power of consistent practice. Yoga has taught her to slow down and really listen to her body. She is grateful for her past and current teaches and enjoys sharing her knowledge by teaching classes focused on breath awareness, connecting breath with movement, and spending time in each pose to build strength and focus.

Outside the studio, you will find Melanie curled up on the sofa with her cat and husband watching a good movie or reading a good book.