swimming in the now:

a weekend intensive with Joe Taft


Feel like your mind is running a mile a minute these days? 
In an era of information overload, staying connected to the people and work in front of you is not always easy. But doing so will transform your happiness.

Join us for a live-stream workshop and learn the secrets to living fully in the Now with master Joe Taft – lead yoga instructor for Asheville Yoga Center. 

Each session can be a stand-alone workshop, but to gain the full power of his message and teachings, give yourself the treat of the whole series. 

October 16-18, 2020

Weekend Schedule

Session 1 – Swimming in The Now

Friday, October 16
6 – 8:30 PM

In this session we will define present moment awareness, and how it relates to our level of happiness and other aspects of our lives. We will build a deeper understanding of the Now, and discuss how our society and culture inherently defies present moment awareness. We will explore how to truly swim in the Now.

The yoga practice will include standing poses, forward folds, twists and ball work to target specific soft tissue areas. All levels are welcome. 

Session 2 – Finding the Back Body

Saturday, October 17
9 – 11:30 AM

This session will be an overview of the pursuit of the Universal, or otherwise known as the Higher Self. The Universal Self dwells in the realm of the back body. When our breathing and movement are initiated by the back body, we feel better and more connected. We will practice mild backbends to tap into your higher self.  

Session 3 – Dance of the Opposties

Saturday, October 17
1 – 3:30 PM

In this session we will explore how being present helps us understand, embrace and transcend the world of opposites we dwell in, such as light and dark, up and down, happy and sad. This workshop will consist of forwards folds, twists, pranayama and meditation.

Session 4 – The Ecstatic, Playful Dance of Life

Sunday, October 18
9-11:30 AM

In this session we will discuss how our interests, hobbies, passions and merely being playful in general are effective ways to cultivate present moment awareness.  This session will be a playful and uplifting practice of jumping around (literally) and having fun. This session will be an intermediate to advance practice, however all levels will be able to participate as there will be variations. 

Yoga Aliance Continuing Education Credits

This course is eligible for Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.



About Joe Taft



Joe Taft believes in the transformational power of yoga. Joe (E-RYT500) is a former Certified Anusara® Yoga instructor who has dedicated himself to the practice of yoga since 1997 and has been teaching since 2002. Although Joe’s classes are alignment-based, they are usually accompanied with an upbeat, funky playlist and heart-based philosophical themes through storytelling and mythology. In his classes you work hard, but always end with pranayama (breath work) and/or mediation to allow for deep relaxation. Joe’s in-depth knowledge of body mechanics and his innate understanding of the complexities of movement, allow him to guide his students more fully into their own bodies and lives. He is a Lead Instructor for both Asheville Yoga Center’s 200-hour Teacher Training and 300-hour Advanced Training Programs.