Meet the Team

Liba Spyros ~ Co-owner + Instructor

E-RYT 200 + 500 HR Certified | YACEP

Liba has been a fan of yoga for over 20 years. A former ballet dancer, Liba found yoga to be a natural replacement for the discipline of movement she enjoyed with dance. Her first exposure to yoga started a journey of health and wellness that continues today.

Studying this ancient form of physical fitness, has led Liba to experiment with many forms of yoga. This journey fostered her discovery of Power Vinyasa Yoga. This form of yoga is both strenuous and healing. The challenges of this practice, satisfies the constant desire to strive for increased improvement.

The method of yoga taught at Transform Power Yoga is inspired by the teachings of Baron Baptiste. Liba received her 200-hour teaching certification through Down Dog Yoga, a group of studios that teaches Baron Baptiste’s powerful flow. She went on and received an additional 300-hour certification from Rolf Gates.

Opening Transform Power Yoga is the realization of a lifelong dream. The love of power vinyasa yoga and the benefits of this practice motivates Liba to share this form of yoga with others.

Outside of the studio, Liba resides in Haymarket with her husband, Nick, and their three children: Sarah, also a Transform Power Yoga teacher, Paul, and Niko. They share their home with three furry friends, Lacy, Hank, and Charlie. The three dogs are natural yogis that have perfected the down dog pose!

Sarah Spyros ~ Co-founder + Instructor

E-RYT 200 + 500 HR Certified | YACEP
Sarah has been a yoga practitioner for over 5 years. At the ripe old age of 20, she started physical therapy to help with scar tissue acquired from 12+ years of horse back riding. Then her yoga-loving mother, Liba Spyros, encouraged me to increase her yoga practice. She did, and never looked back.

After trying several types of yoga, Sarah fell in love with Power Vinyasa Yoga. This form of yoga caters to the most basic beginners and advanced practitioners. Its flexible format allows for modifications of the smallest of steps, while offering adaptations for a never-ending challenge. For example, when Sarah first started yoga, her idea of touching her toes was gracing the top of her kneecaps with her fingertips. In fact, Sarah’s lack of flexibility used to be a private joke between her mother and she. Now, thanks to this practice Sarah can touch the floor and her flexibility constantly increases.

Sarah’s practice is inspired by the teachings of Baron Baptiste and Rolf Gates. She received her 200-hour teaching certificate through another Baptiste inspired yoga studio, Down Dog Yoga. She then enhanced her education by completing an additional 300-hour teacher training through Rolf Gates.

Opening Transform Power Yoga is the realization of a dream. Sarah has always lived a healthy lifestyle, but her mindset wasn’t in a healthy place. She spent years wanting to hide a figure she was uncomfortable in, as well as scared, and ashamed. However, through this practice, Sarah reached her goal of finally having a body that she is both comfortable and proud. Sarah finally realized how powerful she is. Her dream is to help others reach their own personal goals, and freedom with the use of this transforming practice.

Outside of the studio, Sarah still continues to ride her 2 horses Gwen and Bagira, and pamper her 22 year-old retired horse Best of Times.

So if you have a question, and you see Sarah in the studio or around town, please don’t hesitate to come ask her! There’s no such thing as a question that’s too small or too silly. Sarah welcomes them all. She looks forward to seeing, meeting, and practicing with you. So come on in and sweat with her!

Susie Pfefferkorn ~ Director of Studio Operations + Instructor

E-RYT 200 + 500 HR Certified | YACEP

After several years of venturing in and out of many yoga classes, searching for a place to land where she felt empowered and complete, Susie finally found herself in a Power Vinyasa class. Feeling instantly connected to the practice she has never looked back. Her daily practice has continued to deepen physically as well as both mentally and spiritually. Eager to share the lessons she has learned from her teachers, you will find Susie’s classes to be a powerful, upbeat flow focusing on strength and breath awareness encouraging each student to find a personal edge, leading the way to their true potential. She believes whole-heartedly that through committed discipline to a personal practice, we will learn to slow down, breath and listen to our body … we learn to enjoy the entire process, even in moments of challenge.

Susie completed her 200-hour teacher certification through another Baptiste inspired yoga studio, Down Dog Yoga. She then expanded her education by completing an additional 300-hour teacher training through Rolf Gates. She’s registered with yoga alliance as an E-RYT200 and Continuing Education Provider, and also serves as Director of Studio Operations.

Erin Moore ~ Director of Marketing + Instructor

RYT 200 HR Certified

The daughter of a yogi, some of Erin’s earliest memories are of stirring up mischief at her mom’s yoga studio. Though she was banned from taking class at age 6 after poking a student during final relaxation, she found an appreciation and patience for the practice again in college.

As someone who once struggled with an eating and exercise disorder, Erin credits her vinyasa practice as a vital part of her recovery to a healthier mindset and relationship with her body and mentality around exercise. This is why she’s so passionate about the practice.

As TPY’s Director of Marketing and Member Experience, Erin loves brainstorming ways to introduce people to yoga, and support existing students in advancing their practice and feeling at home in the studio. She enjoys filming videos and (after a summer spent working for GoPro in California) is campaigning for an endless supply of avocados in the studio for snacking.

Ciara Gibson ~ Instructor

RYT 200 HR Certified

I’m a wife and mother of an extremely active 15 year old daughter.

I have been involved with sports a good part of my life to include softball, basketball, track and weight training.

I fell in love with fitness and appreciated it more than ever after I had my daughter in 2002. I realized after accomplishing my own personal goals that I wanted to help others. It truly became a passion for me. I decided to go back to school to become a personal trainer in 2007. Upon graduation, I opened up my own business, Bodies by C, and have been training clients ever since.

I was introduced to Vinyasa Yoga in 2014 and immediately fell in love. I came to yoga to help with mobility and found it to be so much more both physically and mentally. Every time I practiced, I learned more. It became something I wanted to pursue not only as a practice for me but to teach. This is a big reason why I pursued and obtained my yoga training certificate.

Nothing makes me happier than to help someone and to help them accomplish their goals.

Teresa Christopher ~ Instructor

RYT 200 HR Certified
My first experience with yoga started the way most people sink into a hot bath, dipping a toe and then committing slowly, inch by inch until completely submerged and reluctant to resurface. In 2009, I would put the yoga X DVD from Tony Horton’s P90X series on in my trailer when I was deployed overseas. As an Army veteran my main go-to for exercise was primarily running and weight training, yoga was something I did on my rest and recovery days. After becoming pregnant in 2010, I decided to look into prenatal yoga classes. I fell in love with using yoga as a way to stay strong and healthy during my pregnancy, while simultaneously bonding with my baby. I practiced yoga during all three of my pregnancies. Still, when it was time to get serious about losing the baby weight, I would strap the kids in to the jogging stroller and hit the pavement.

Unfortunately, increased hip pain after running forced me seek medical advice. I was diagnosed with severe degenerative arthritis in my right hip and advised never to run again. I was devastated and struggled with bouts of depression stemming from feeling like my body was failing me. I would soon find out that yoga would help heal those harmful thoughts as well. I focused on low impact exercise only but nothing really drew me in like running. Just before the birth of my youngest daughter in 2016, I was leaving my doctors office and after walking about two doors over I found myself standing in front of Transform Power Yoga (TPY). I took my first hot yoga class at TPY. My life has awakened in degrees day by day ever since. Who knew that my hip injury would end up being my life preserver?

The TPY family welcomed me in whole-heartedly and helped me deepen my yoga practice mentally, spiritually and physically in ways that I never knew were possible for me. I am eternally grateful to my mentors and teachers at TPY. The balance and peace I now experience through yoga inspires me to encourage others to find peace and balance in their lives as well. When the opportunity arose to take the TPY teacher training I felt immediately that I was on the right path. The classes I lead are mixed level power vinyasa flow classes based off the yoga principles of Baron Baptiste.

I believe that yoga is a gift everyone should have the opportunity to experience and focus my sequences on healing and strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. I am passionate about the power of positive thinking and motivational words; all of my classes are a haven of acceptance and a judgment-free zone welcoming the beginner to the more experienced yogi. Life can be hectic making it difficult to stop and take a breath. Yet, we must make time for our self. It is not selfish, but instead essential to treat our self with love, kindness, and compassion, filling up our own positive energy tanks in the process. Only then can we effectively give back to our family, community, and earth with those same principles.

When I am not at the studio you can catch me chasing after my 1, 3, and 5 year old kiddos or curled up on the couch next to my husband watching a movie or reading a good book. I look forward to practicing with you, Namaste!

Alie Plott ~ Instructor

RYT 200 HR Certified
Alie’s love of psychology and neuroscience naturally brought her to yoga. After dabbling in various styles of yoga during her undergraduate years, Alie discovered Vinayasa Flow Yoga while attending graduate school in Ireland. Naturally flexible, this style of yoga let her cultivate a calm mind, strength, and she developed a deep devotion to her practice.

Once returning home to Ireland, Alie found Transform Power Yoga and never looked back! Through TPY’S Baron Baptiste inspired Power Vinyasa Yoga and the wonderfully heated studio, Alie felt she had found the perfect place to further her yoga journey. Practicing vinyasa in the heat helped to stretch and strengthen her muscles, center her focus, and detoxify her body. She adored TPY so much she enrolled in and graduated from their 200-hour teacher training!

Alie has been practicing yoga for 5 years and tries to remain mindful of the yogic path every day. As a teacher, Alie hopes to spread her love and passion of yoga while delving deeper into the almost therapeutic aspects of the yogic lifestyle. She is registered with Yoga Alliance as RYT 200 and plans on continuing her education.

Denise Swinsky ~ Instructor

RYT 200 HR Certified

I have always enjoyed exercise and being physically active. I was previously a certified aerobics instructor and I’ve run many long distance races, but nothing has changed my life like my yoga practice. I have a full and busy schedule including a husband, 3 college aged kids, and a career outside of my yoga practice. Yoga is consistently teaching me balance. As my practice becomes stronger, I noticed that it’s no longer about my need to be physical or “exercise”, but my need to find balance between my mental, emotional, and physical needs. Learning to take care of myself, so I can help others.

Power vinyasa yoga is a beautiful gift of breath, sweat, movement, and being present in the moment. I’m incredibly grateful for my TPY community. It’s this connection that inspired me to obtain my teacher training certification. It was the natural next progression to my practice. As a teacher I hope to guide others to find their own balance and help them to reach their personal goals.

Aniya Mirza ~ Kids Yoga Instructor

E-RYT 200 HR, YACEP, and Kidding Around Yoga Certified
My yoga journey began in 2008 at a local Gym in Gainesville, VA. In the beginning, I started the yoga practice to gain physical strength and flexibility. However, I quickly realized practicing yoga was also helping me in other ways as well. Asana really helped me develop my body strength and meditation help me get more connected with my inner nature. Yoga practice helps me discover myself spiritually, and as I went along with my yoga journey, I met many amazing people that inspire me to learn yoga more deeply.

After practicing yoga for about 7 years, I knew I wanted to share this beautiful art with others. So then I went and started the search for yoga teacher training in 2015. I completed my 200 hour Hatha and Vinyasa Flow training at Latitude Yoga Company in December 2015. The training was amazing and help me discover yoga more intensely. I am deeply grateful for my teacher and fellow colleagues for their support and guidance during our training.

Teaching Yoga to kids is another one of my passions. Since I have been working in the child’s field for many years, teaching yoga to kids came natural to me. In my experience, teaching yoga is very rewarding and fun. Yoga helps kids build a stronger body through yoga poses and calms their mind with meditation. I received my kids Yoga teacher training in January 2016 from Kidding Around Yoga.

Kidding Around Yoga uses a system based on a classical study of yoga and transforms it into experiences for children to both introduce them to yoga as well as inspire them to develop a practice and give them tools to take into adulthood. My classes will introduce you to yoga in a simple structured and fun way. I live in Nokesville with my son. Outside of the yoga world, I enjoy spending time cooking, hiking and archery. I have been practicing yoga at TPY for more than a year and love every minute of it. I am honored to join the amazing group of Yogis and continue our yoga journey together! I encourage everyone to at least try yoga once in their lives to discover how it can truly change their overall well-being.