Written by the Transform Power Yoga staff

Yoga has been shown to improve the health of individuals and the productivity of employees in the workforce. Regardless whether yoga is your preferred activity, exercise in general leads to improved health and vitality. Please engage in a regular exercise routine!

Below are several articles for your reference that further validate the benefits of exercise. Also included is a discussion highlighting yoga’s health benefits to a company’s employees — reducing pain, and improving sleep, and enhancing productivity.
First, a study in Finland compared identical twins where both played the same sports and shared the same general physical activity, but one exercised more diligently than the other. The study found that the twin with the more diligent exercise practice developed healthier physical AND mental characteristics. The advantage of testing twins is that they share the same DNA, are raised in the same environment, and share the similar diets removing any genetic and environmental distinctions that may taint the results of an experiment testing unique individuals.

The benefits of a regular exercise program revealed by this study include: improved endurance, healthier body composition and insulin sensitivity, stronger metabolic health, AND increased grey matter in the brain. For more information, please see the New York Times article by clicking here and the abstract of the study published in NCBI here.

Yoga and meditation also lead to healthier and more productive employees. Aetna, a major insurance company, introduced yoga and meditation to its employees when its CEO began practicing yoga and meditation after a near-death experience. Roughly 13,000 of its employees participated in the program. The results of the program are startling.

Employees reported a 28% reduction in their stress levels, 20% reported an improvement in their sleep quality, and 19% reported a reduction in pain. From the employer’s standpoint, Aetna reported increased productivity per employee of over 60 minutes a week and a 3% reduction in filed medical claims. Here, Aetna and its employees experience a win-win result where both employer and employee benefit. For more information please find the New York Times article by clicking here.

Everyone should exercise regularly and establish a sound exercise routine, whether it is yoga, biking, cross-fit, swimming, etc. Grant yourself grace and make time for meditation. Permit yourself a moment of peace and stillness in the midst of your hectic schedule.

We hope you find this blog helpful. We are available to answer any questions you may have and would be honored to welcome you into our family of clients. Namaste.

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