The Heated Experience

Here’s What to Expect at Transform Power Yoga

We specialize in heated vinyasa-style yoga. In most of our classes, you’ll plank, twist, lunge, stretch, and balance while learning to regulate your breath with your movement. Some people call it building strength and stamina. We call it “finding your flow.”

Thanks to our state-of-the art heating and humidity-controlled studio, you’ll also sweat…a lot. It’s a good thing!

Whether you’re just getting started or have been down-dogging for years, adding heat to your yoga practice will amplify its benefits and accelerate your progress. When you practice in our 95 degree studio, your muscles warm up faster and you’ll experience deeper flexibility and range of motion. As the sweat starts to roll, you detoxify your body, reboot your metabolism, and challenge your mind to stay in the moment and work to your healthy edge.

We’re a playful studio dedicated to bringing authentic yoga to men and women of all levels, shapes, and abilities. If you’re ready to engage every muscle, every emotion, and experience a style of yoga that will transform you in every way..then come sweat with us!

Begin Your Transformation

Begin Your Transformation

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All of our instructors are 500 hour certified, and have been teaching yoga for at least 3 years.

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We want our studio to feel like your oasis.
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