Class Descriptions

All Levels Vinyasa

Prepare to sweat, plank, reach, lunge, twist and flow. Our all-levels vinyasa classes focus on linking your breath with your movement, and train you to regulate your breathe through physical and mental intensity. Give us 75 minutes, and we’ll help you detox, sculpt lean muscle, build stamina, improve coordination, increase flexibility, and find ease.

Students are encouraged to move at their own pace, and our teachers will offer modifications and variations that serve the needs of students from all experience levels.

Power Hour

Our Power Hour is taught at the same temperature and pace as our regular all levels vinyasa flow class. The only difference is that your teacher will remove some poses in order to keep the class within 60 minutes. Don’t let the name fool you…this class is no more advanced than our usual all-levels vinyasa. Beginners are welcome!

Power Core Flow

A heated vinyasa flow class with added poses aimed at building deep core strength.


In this passive, meditative, and unheated class, all postures are practiced either sitting or lying down. Poses are held for an extended period of time (up to 5 minutes), which stretches and releases deeper connective tissue than what is accessed in our vinyasa classes. This is an excellent class for increasing joint mobility and range of motion. We recommend yin as a compliment to your vinyasa practice.